Thursday, 1 March 2012

Seeking calm and wisdom

It must be said, we've had a fantastic couple of days. Yet, I can't help but feel a desperate need for order. I feel like waves are washing over me and I'm just being pushed and pulled with the tide. I've stopped swimming; I'm just drifting. I hate it when dark clouds loom and no matter how hard you blow they just won't float away! I keep reminding myself that I'm surrounded by more drifters than swimmers right now. Times are tough. I know so many people who are struggling to envisage maintaining their lifestyle, or even some semblance of fiscal security.

A lovely friend gave me a Merlin Aura Spray containing all kinds of lovely aromatherapy oils, crystal essences and other lovey stuff. I think it's supposed to help me to connect with the ability to access knowledge and wisdom. I'm squirting it liberally and hoping for a eureka moment within the coming days!

Anyway, here are some of the fab things we have been doing when I've not been mooning about, stressing about things which are out of my control, or having a sneaky blog (like now) when I should probably be cooking dinner/mopping floor/educating the children.

Playing with the new pair of tennis rackets which we received courtesy of a lady on Freecycle.

Making pizza with friends at Pizza Express.

Chef demonstrating his dough tossing skills.

We spotted a Lavender Muscovy by the riverbank. If we add to our flock at all this year it will be to get a Lavender Muscovy. Unfortunately we can't find anyone with one to sell anywhere in England! How on earth this one, with nigh on perfect markings, has found itself living wild, I do not know! I suspect it's escaped from somewhere.

Hanging out with friends - of which I have some beautiful pictures but Hermione would rather I didn't post any as she feels she was having a bad hair day!.


Bridget said...

I'm feeling a bit like that, I like to be in control and as the children are getting older, it's getting harder. I also find it hard when you're relying on someone who perhaps isn't as organised as you! I fnd myself fretting about things that are way in the future. I'm not drifting, I seem to swimming against the tide on so many things and it's exhausting!!

Claire said...

Oh dear, I figure swimming against the tide is even more wearing than drifting!