Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Ode to Billy

Oh Billy you were our favourite cock
A great addition to our flock,
Our girls they are so sorry now
To say goodbye they don’t know how.

For you they didn’t have much eye,
Because they’re like the WI.
They couldn’t cope with your advances,
Nor your Michael Jackson dances.

We hope you will now find a mate,
With whom you can enjoy a date.
Your squeaky croaks we won’t forget,
You're top of the roos don’t you bet.

Our beloved cockerel Billy has had to be re homed at a local sanctuary, because despite having never fully mastered the cock a doodle doos, and having never even attempted it at an unearthly hour, a noxious neighbor saw fit to complain to the local authority and I am not willing to become embroiled in a dispute about this.

We will miss him, even though he never did manage to provide us with fertile eggs. Alas, by the time he came, all young and hormonal, most of our girls were knocking on and had never encountered a cockerel. It was rather like releasing an eighteen year old boy into a Women's Institute meeting! I finally learned the true meaning of hen pecked.

Hermione and I have just made up this little ditty to help us celebrate the time he spent here with us. I will miss him moonwalking and the fine manners he brought to this place! He never ate till his flock of girls had had their fill, even if they weren't at all welcoming of his advances.


Fay Gibson said...

Oh heck that has made my day! Billy the Cock, what a bird!

Claire said...

He sure was :-)

Anonymous said...

oh bless him, sorry that you've had to part with Billy. I hope that he finds some hens that appreciate his advances.