Sunday, 18 March 2012

Seeds and surprises

I chatted with the children earlier this week and we decided we wouldn't 'do' Mother's Day today. The children had plans to go shopping with their daddy last weekend but that all changed when we received the call to say granddad was sick. So, knowing they were fretting about being unprepared, and my worrying about what the weekend may bring, we decided to postpone.

Today Craig wanted to potter, drink coffee in peace and be mostly in his own space; which I totally understand. Spurred on by the spring sunshine I decided to have a rummage through my seed bag.

Lots of the seeds are out of date, but they're dry and have been in a stable temperature so I think some at least may germinate.

I still remember when I found this Rainbow Quinoa seed. I was so excited till I realised I really didn't have the space to be cultivating my own grains (or a seed as some people know it). I didn't have the space then and certainly don't now that I've given over my veg patch to the flock.

You can read a bit more about growing quinoa here. You know, I'm still intrigued, I may well just try it.

While faffing on with seeds and desperately trying to keep chooks out of my grobag, I noticed this on the deck.

A lovely pot planted with flower seeds and a tin with iced Hobnobs saying, I love you.

Awww, I'm blessed to be a mama! Bright blessings to all you mamas out there today!

Off to bed now with the second in The Witness Series by Rebecca Forster. The first in the series is free on Kindle here. It's no great shakes but it's satisfying my hunger for crime related fiction right now.

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Fay Gibson said...

How glorious! What a lovely suprise.