Friday, 9 March 2012

When all else fails, felt your foot!

I decided I needed some light relief come mid afternoon today. The children had done their work, I'd been to the supermarket and vacuumed. It was then that I recalled a conversation with a friend who had seen a programme in which someone had felted their foot to make slippers. Unable to face dissecting another shelf of cluttered thoughts in my shed head, instead I turned to my box of wool roving.

I got out my feet. Please ignore the stuble on my legs.

I wrapped roving loosely around my foot....

.. and continued to do so while Miles wet felted a new playmat and Hermione toyed with the idea of felting her own foot.

Once my foot was well wrapped I placed it inside of a plastic bag.

I poured in lots of warm soapy water and pulled on one of Craig's boots (mine would not have fit with the extra bulk of wool and water).

Tied up tight and good to go!

A while spent tending chooks, a game of football with Miles and a few running races and I dared to remove the boot and bag.

The only area which isn't felted firm is the part around the top of my ankle. I don't think it had been wet enough or had enough friction.

In order to get it off without stretching it too much I have made a snip at the side.

The sole has a small area where the wool has parted and my foot would touch the floor (were I planning on making another and wearing them). Having said that, for a first attempt and just bumbling along I don't think it's too bad. It;s now drying out and I'll figure out what to do with it once it's dry.


Frugal Queen said...

that looks great did you keep a straight face? were you laughing?

Claire said...

It was hilarious. I really can recommend it - the final product is just part of it; you also have a good laugh and end up with a seriously smooth and gently exfoliated foot!

Bridget said...

Loving your new header. I'm hopefully doing a post on chickens over the weekend, they're not like yours though! Honestly felting your foot, the things we do in the name of home-ed! Or do we just it as an excuse?!

Claire said...

I think home ed is a great excuse for all kinds. The strange thing is that having helped make psychedelic fairy cakes and felted my foot today, I'm feeling like life is more normal - how bizarre is that! I'm not sure what it says about the life of us home edders :-)

Aww, I shall pass on your appreciation to my girlies. The brown one up front is an ex battery hen who sadly will never have a big fluffy booty like the others in that photo, but she's a happy hen now, and that's what counts.

Bridget said...

We're all for happy hens and fluffy booties are over-rated!