Thursday, 8 March 2012

Shed Head

I never thought I'd hear myself saying the likes, but in the whirlwind that seems to be life right now, I found myself explaining to friends the other day that I couldn't commit to social plans because 'my head's a shed'.

I took time out the other Saturday morning to spend a couple of hours working one to one with my meditation guru. She's a lovely lady who helps me to centre myself and find calm in the storm. She also helps me to find what's stagnating and push for change. I've been pushing hard for change, I truly have, but now things are changing at such a rate my mind can't keep pace - and my body's groaning loudly!

Truly, I'm hoping that once we've smashed virtually every egg in the basket, we will end up with a wonderful omelet. I'm just struggling to see past the mess right now.

Talking of eggs, one thing that has cheered me today is that our Cuckoo Marran has laid her first ever egg! Some people call this breed 'chocolate eggers' their eggs are so dark. You can see what they look like here. I can think of a few children who will be happy to dip their soldiers in these!

Another great thing that's happened today is that Hermione has made her first step towards an official qualification, an Arts Award. I'm really excited about it, even if in my current 'head shed' phase I don't appear to be. It's extremely broad and flexible. I can foresee it being much more cross curricula than I originally envisaged. As well as developing her arty talents and gaining confidence I think she's also going to really jump start her online presentation skills (something I have been shying away from) through this opportunity.

We splashed out on a Street Through Time this week. I have wanted it for what feels like forever. Circumstances have dictated that I think ahead about home ed supplies his week and I couldn't help but pop this one in my basket. I recommend it to you, particularly if you have a young visual learner at home.

Right, off to sort and declutter further corners of my ramshackle brain.


Bridget said...

I'm glad there are a couple of positive things going on, like you said about the eggs and omelettes sometimes you've got to go through all the rubbish to get through to the end product. Sometimes it would be nice to go straight from A to B without stopping but that's life I guess.Sending positive and encouraging vibes X

Claire said...

Thanks Bridget, much appreciated. xx