Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Bean Feast

The runner bean and broad bean plants were starting to groan so we had broad bean pasta for lunch and runner bean risotto for dinner. Thankfully I've not noticed any anti social side effects from our high fibre menu choice as yet.

Oh dear, no prizes for this photograph. Hermione complete with bowl of broad beans, additional arms and head.

We also picked our first pumpkin today. It's huge. I decided to pick it and ripen it inside because it had way outgrown it's sling and all of the other fruits on the plant were very stunted.

At Hermione's request I took a picture of her doing some 'work' today and have uploaded it here. She reminded me the other day that this did start out as a home ed blog. Hmmm, yes. But then we did seem to do more blog worthy stuff back then. Things became much more 'nuts and bolts' a few months ago and we were just about to launch into more creative and inspiring stuff when Craig's business burnt down and all my oomph seems to have puffed up in smoke too *sigh*. Anyway, here is Hermione illustrating the fact that we do still do some stuff around here.

We placed this ever so pretty card on the side board and admired it lots. One of Hermione's friends made it herself.

The last two days friends have called in unexpectedly. It's that busy sort of time as the end of the school holidays approach and everyone rushes to fit in get togethers before the term starts. Lovely times.

The children were ever so industrious this afternoon playing all sorts of things. This gave me a chance to investigate this seasons trends for our feathered (or not so feathered) friends. This is a picture posted on an ex batt list by a lady who runs this rescue centre.

What do you think? I'm just a tad concerned that the rabbit may feel left out.


Bridget said...

I scoffed at your sling and just look at the size of your pumpkin!
Well done you.

Claire said...

I know, I'm well chuffed!

Anonymous said...

impressed by the pumpkin and beans :0)

Ruth said...

Our bad rabbits ate our pumpkins :( Yours is fab :) You could always knit an extra coat for the rabbit ;)