Wednesday, 27 August 2008


C is for caterpillars.

The only thing worse than finding this grizzly crew on your sprouting broccoli is finding them in a cake tin in the play room. I wasn't impressed. I'm naming no names but I have my suspicions.

C is for pure organic raw cacao butter. Transformed from a big chunk into dinky little cakes...

..even dinkier little shapes...

..and a body bar with rose petals and neroli essential oil.

The body bar hasn't photographed well but believe me it looks good and smells even better!

C is for Camomile, Lavender and Lime flower tea. A gift from a friend who knows of my love of lavender teas.


Bridget said...

The cakes and shapes look yummy

Ruth said...

I could eat the soap.

Mark said...

a very good post on2 your blog, i expect it's raining currently where u are! we r currently in sunny sunny nice, southern france, going 2 d beach, etc etc. well those little cakes look yummy, would like 2 try 1! i hope we never get caterpillars in our garden. lovely entry

daniel xxx