Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Summer fun

Here's a round up of some summer activities we've been up to. I say 'summer' but there's certainly an autumn nip in the air this week.

We went to a magic show performed by Magician Marvin. Both the children enjoyed it.

Much to my surprise Miles was very taken with the slapstick, 'oh no he's not - oh yes he is' element. He even shouted 'well done' to the magician whenever he performed a trick!

We went along to a local Community Festival. There police were there with a police dog, there was a climbing wall, bucking bull, sari demonstrations, authentic Pakistani food for sale, various art and craft stalls and more.

Decorating biscuits at the fair.

Hermione had a henna tattoo, nails varnished and hair braided.

We went on a fairy trail in Saltwell Dene - in the pouring rain! It's a beautiful setting for a fairy trail.

We didn't see any fairies but we did see some signs of their presence.

We visited the Shipley Art Gallery and checked out an exhibition of giant porcelain vases by Felicity Aylieff. They were quite awe inspiring, towering above us. Wandering amongst them with two young children in toe made me a tad anxious.

We joined in a print workshop at the gallery. Hermione made a couple of stamps while Miles merrily stamped willy nilly. Great fun!


Lynn said...

The picture of the fairy trail is beautiful!!
Elusive creatures aren't they?xx

Claire said...

Yes, very :-)