Thursday, 28 August 2008

Passage of time.

When we picked the red cabbages last year it felt to me like Miles was still my little baby - wispy hair and wide eyed innocence.

Today he was more of an action boy - big and strong, helping his mama to carry them into the kitchen using his wheel barrow.

Washed, chopped and blanched. The freezer is filling rapidly.

One of the highlights of Hermione's day was visiting a lady in a local care home who was celebrating her 100th birthday today. They had a chat and Hermione got to see her telegraph from the Queen. 'It was nice' she said, 'but not so nice as the cards that we buy from the Village Greengrocer.' You see, it pays to buy local *grin*.


Bridget said...

The children grow too quickly don't they? Blink and you miss it.
Those cabbages look fantastic.

Claire said...

Yeah, those baby days just whizz by - and I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing :-)

Anonymous said...

v. impressed by the cabbages.

it goes too quickly when its good and too slowly when its bad ;0)

Anonymous said...

It's lovely when that happens