Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The rainy season

Chatting over dinner last night Nana remarked how the seasons seem to have changed here in the last three years. We now have winter, spring, the rainy season and autumn. It certainly feels that way right now. There are puddles on the lawn. Puddles in the patch. Puddles everywhere. Waterlogged. On the plus side the pumpkins are growing at a tremendous rate and we certainly won't be breaking into the second tube of suncream that I bought with high hopes a couple of months ago.

So what are we doing amidst the relentless rain?

We had family come to visit today. Three generations came to visit us and the house was alive with the sound of chatter, laughter and big thuds from upstairs where some of the children played hide and seek. A wonderful time which I hope will be repeated.

I have continued to amass special things in our special sanctuary space.

Original artwork by my sister.

Hundreds of essences in neat indexed boxes.

Even special places for those homeopathic potencies which should be kept apart from others - like this Plutonium 1M.

More cards.

Hermione has been spending a little time on this website. I'm not a big fan of 'computer aided learning' but have to say I do quite like this site.

This evening I plan to start a cross stitch which was gift from my sister and brother in law.

I've had it quite a while but I think the time is right now. Craig is working every hour of the night and day at the moment. I've professed myself to be a work widow for a lot of years but things are certainly ranking up a notch as he continues to try to sort out the nightmares that have descended upon us since the fire. I've lots of time to sit and craft right now. I've so much evening time on my hands I've even tackled those jobs which I thought I may never get round to doing, like sorting the dump that is the cloakroom. I may even tackle the stuff that has amassed on the top landing later this week. Or maybe not.

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Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a sanctuary room :0)
nana is right it is the rainy season good for plants not so good for washing!!

family to visit is lovely :0)