Sunday, 17 August 2008


We tend not to take a break from *education* over the summer. The core stuff like maths and english just rumbles on. However, there always seems to be a lot happening at this time of year in the way of events, workshops, concerts and activities and these provide a new burst of energy and enthusiasm for discovery.

Take for example yesterday, the concert in the park. It wasn't quite as I had expected. It turned out to be hard rock but interesting, (note carefully chosen wording), all the same. Today while wandering along the swollen banks of the river we stumbled upon a little gem of a place where the children became enthralled in making Greek garlands and excavating skeletons under the careful and appropriate guidance of an artist. Then there were the sculptures, stained glass windows and beautiful voices of the choir boys as we passed through the Cathedral.

The upshot of this influx of experience and activity is that I don't feel under as much pressure to be preparing and doing. I'm able to kick back and think about other ways in which to enrich our lives.

This week I've been working on transforming our spare bedroom into a space of peace and tranquility, a real family sanctuary where each and every one of us can go when we feel the need for space and calm.

It's calm, cosy, comfortable and neutral. A place to sit and think. To 'just be' if that's how the mood takes you.

A lot of my things have been strewn from top to bottom of the house since we moved. This has meant that I've not been able to use them as freely and that's saddened me. Now a lot of my special things are in the space I've cleared. My masses of homeopathy potencies, my flower essences, gem essences, aromatherapy oils and other bits. My treatment bed that I use for reiki, my affirmation cards, soul collage work, inspiring reading and music.

I've laid out some of my Louise L Hay affirmation cards on a plate so Hermione can access them easily if she chooses to. I've also left out my very own 'book of answers' which I've compiled over the last few months from wise words given to me, poetry that's touched me, lessons learned through remedies etc.

I'm hoping now that the space is well used and that by being able to keep all of my remedies in an organised place I'll be able to use them more efficiently - to the benefit of us all.


Lynn said...

I love that idea!!

Great for children to grow up thinking that "looking after yourself"and having time to "just be" is a normal and accepted part of life.

You have inspired me to create a space to put all my things together and accessible.Clever lady XX

Anonymous said...

love that idea :0)

we're like you and just carry on at a different pace, lots of ways of learning, living is the main one ;0)

cosmic seed said...

Oh that sounds wonderful Claire! Love your belly cast pic btw. If you ever feel like sharing your soulcollage work I'd be fascinated - it's something I started on just before I had A, and have found it really theraputic:-)

Claire said...

I've just started out with Soulcollage and like you say it is very theraputic. I might dare to share soon :-)