Thursday, 14 August 2008

Runner Beans

We picked our first crop of runner beans this evening. I'm pleased to say they were much bigger than these - but these did look ever so pretty.

Sadly they were disguised in a veggie curry. I despair at the undercover veggies and wonder if other cooks have similar problems. I have to say that Craig is the worst culprit. In the last few days I have seen him try to pick walnuts out of walnut bread, sundried tomatoes from sundried tomato bread, (I've been in a bread making mood) and even dates from his sticky toffee pudding! *Sigh*.


Bridget said...

I had to pull my runner beans about 5 weeks ago, they were covered in black fly, short of using chemicals ( we tried everything else) nothing would budge them, when I say covered, I mean covered. Shame!

Claire said...

Thankfully we haven't had any major aphid issues as yet this summer but I can remember the disspointment when our tomatoes were swamped last year. We hunted all around the garden for ladybirds to put on in the hope they would eat them all but the couple we found were overwhelmed I think :-)

Anonymous said...

It's lovely when that happens