Thursday, 29 December 2011


Sometimes it feels like there's no beginning and no end. Not enough to go round. No chance to replenish your own self before you need to dice it up and give it out.

I know, I've posted this clip here before, but it still brings me comfort at times when I feel demand is high and stocks are low. I don't know what it is, but there's something out there which, in the stillness, will bring me the warmth and openness to give freely to those small souls who need it so much sometimes.

I'm also hoping that while I'm trying hard to stock up on the rosy glow which makes mothering much easier, Craig will be stocking up on gastronomic tips as I have decided I don't have what it takes right now to prep a dinner party tomorrow evening.

It's all about choices I guess. I figure the scary option of delegating dinner party prep will, regardless of whatever may be dished up under the guise of food tomorrow, bring the greatest benefit to me and my peeps. Right, enough said on that front. The longer I linger on that thought the more likely I am to run out screaming all the way to the Asda's fancy stuffed olives aisle!


A said...

!!!!!! This is the 2nd blog ive read today... the first one also had the post title desire!! Must be something in the air!!

I'm sure your dinner party will be wonderful. xx

Claire said...

I can only think it must have been the day for feelings of (or distinct lack of) desire :-)