Friday, 30 December 2011


I headed off into town with the children today, on a mission to wander, take deep breaths and to enjoy the sights, both new and old. No matter how long you live in a place, I think there are always new things to see.

Ducks and bridges.

Boat landings and rowers.

Pretty birdie amongst the tab ends.

Mountains to climb.

Rose window.

An interesting door.

A sculpture, hidden behind bars in what looked like someone's garden.

Pretty butterfly, spotted by Hermione, on the wall.

Big bell - the type I would like for summoning all to family meetings; yes, we do have family meetings, on much too often basis for the liking of some around here!

Carving of a judge beside the doorway of the University Law School building.

Ah, a welcome sight at the end of our wanderings.

Having busied myself as described above, and having watched the Christmas Special of Horrible Histories yet again, I'm pleased to report I have not ventured anywhere near Asda's olive aisle and my resolve to put Craig's hosting skills to the test has not weakened. Oh boy, I do hope I won't regret this!


A said...

I love the photos... I'm currently reading a few books about stained glass, mesrichords (sp) and 'green men'. I thought you might like to read this. xx

Claire said...

I'll have to check that out. We apparently have some 'green men' nestled in the old stone work around our city, but I've not found them yet. You may have just triggered the urge for another wandering in the near future there :-)