Monday, 19 December 2011

Frosted Lanterns and Best Ever Mince Pies

This morning Hermione went for a cookery lesson while I ran around town like a mad thing, trying (and largely succeeding) in not panic buying.

She arrived home with a dozen warm mince pies which were, without doubt, the best mince pies I have ever tasted. They were made with a special festive pastry containing ground almonds and orange rind in addition to all the usual ingredients.

This afternoon Miles and I made some frosted lanterns. We covered some jam jars in PVA glue and sprinkled epsom salts all over them. Voila!

I had planned on making them at Yule, or at least not placing them on our nature table till Yule. Ho hum, it's a good job there's always plenty of room for flexibility round here. It seems the darkest day has already passed and the sun is growing in strength in our hall!


A said...

love the jars will try that! Are H's cookery lessons a home thing..

Claire said...

No, H goes to a lady who is a retired home economics teacher. She takes small classes in her own kitchen now. H was back there this morning and I'm going to post pics of her stuff later when I've uploaded. She's made some lovely simple but delish things today :-) The lady supplies the ingredients and the lesson lasts 2 1/2 hours - all for £10. It's so reasonable and the class is never more than three children. So pleased I found her :-)

A said...

That sounds ideal :)