Wednesday, 28 December 2011


There's so much to be thankful for every day, and one of the many things I love about blogging as opposed to other online communication mediums, is that for me at least, it really helps me to focus my mind on the positive.

Today I was thankful that Miles and I got out to see friends again after the festive period. Our usual haunt was closed and unfortunately we didn't realize till we arrived, but we soon found somewhere else to hang our hats and drink coffee.

I got to play with playdoh, while it was still soft and colorful as opposed to grey/brown with crunchy bits in. Oooh, the smell oh 'real' playoh; I love it!

While playing with the said doh we listened to Kate Bush, Fifty Words For Snow, which my wonderful husband has put on my kitchen music thingy me jiggy. I need to get with the new technology, I'm lost since the death of cds.

I hadn't realized she was still recording to be honest, and was very thankful to learn that she is. I look back fondly on the days when I used to listen to her on my tape cassette walkman on the bus. Her new stuff still has her particular hallmark in my view, but her voice has matured and has new qualities. It's more of a grower though as opposed to something which will instantly grab you. You can hear some of her new stuff here.

I was exceptionally thankful that while cooking dinner this evening I happened to glance across the room and felt quite pleased to have blown my Christmas money on a fur throw to cover the sofa, which has fallen victim to the air hockey table which has knocked it out of it's 'proper' place.

It's not to my usual taste. I have to say I have thought back a few times today to the sage green chenille throw which I was hurrying to the check out with when Hermione spotted the fur one which we did buy. However, it's cosy, comfy and everyone else loves it. I think it's even helping Miles to fulfill his current Mowgli and Baloo aspirations!

I'm thankful that this little red robin has survived my Christmas decoration cull. The wind is howling again, blowing an absolute hooligan, and this little chap is still very de rigueur.

I'm thankful that I can sit here typing this post knowing one titch is tucked up in bed, sleeping soundly, while the other is happily whooping her father at Cluedo.


Fay Gibson said...

Lovely post.

A said...

a lovely post and a lovely kitchen :)