Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Meringue Snowflakes, Marshmallow Snowmen

Way hey! What a day! Lots of things to smile about today; we finished our 'work' for the holidays, we discovered that our hens haven't given up laying - they've just taken to laying in an obscure patch behind our water storage tanks (which I hope Craig can reach as I certainly can't) and Hermione has made yet more scrumptious things at her cookery class.

These meringue snowflakes taste every bit as good as they look. It's ordinary meringue, piped and dried slowly. So simple yet really effective.

The texture of these truffles she made is spot on. They're a bit of a strong hit for the children so I've felt obliged to polish off a fair few myself over the course of this afternoon. They're seriously strong and have revved me up for a festive night out and about with a great friend.

Last but certainly not least, marshmallow snowmen. Even toddlers could enjoy making these. They're just marshmallows held with a cocktail stick in the middle, then decorated.

I really enjoy the ideas Hermione brings back from cookery class. It's not all about technique and doing complex cordon bleu cookery. Sometimes its just nice to get new ideas.

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