Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Altered books and stuff

Miles and I spent a wonderful day down on the farm with friends today. Hermione and Nana also had a great time when they met with friends for brunch. I'm so glad Nana is so involved with the children. It make it so much easier to meet every one's needs.

Back at home we marvelled at how the young doves nesting in our garden have really changed in the last week or so. Last week they were fluffy and tottering on the top of the fences. This week they are decidedly less fluffy and are making confident short flights.

I've just arrived home from spending a wonderful evening with a friend, drinking tea and putting the world to rights. I acquired some sunflower seeds and excellent second hand children's books too.

Last but not least I have been invited to join a local Altered Book group. I'm flattered and very interested but am aware that I don't always have the amount of time I would like and am also acutely aware that I haven't even finished the squares for my granny challenge yet. I'll have to give this one some thought.

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