Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Death of the Yorkshire Pudding

I have discovered today that Miles has an egg intolerance. He also has a dairy intolerance but I already knew about that.

So, what the heck am I to do with all our eggs if they're no longer to be included in family meals? Thankfully I'll still be able to make lots of omelets and quiches as he didn't eat them anyway.

Hmmm. Vegan cake recipes anyone? I have a couple that I like but could do with some more. Vegan cakes seem to be so hit and miss that I'd prefer to try ones that have been tried, tested and recommended rather than stabbing in the dark.

I've managed to find vegan pancake recipes but I suspect this tolls the death bell for the humble Yorkshire Pud. Roast dinner won't be the same again. I've adjusted to dairy free, gluten free puds but take out the egg and the will be nothing left!

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cosmic seed said...

we use a vegan choc cake recipe from a rose elliot book - if thats not one if the ones you use shout and ill mail you ir - prolly best to mail me direct as since pooter died its hit and miss if i find my way here :(