Saturday, 13 June 2009


Peas, dwarf beans and runner beans are all doing well. As per usual I have lots of runners but not enough peas and french beans. If only everything would crop like runner beans!

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Anonymous said...

show off!!!!!

the snails and slugs seem to be enjoying our beans!!

myheartexposed said...

Hi Claire just wanted to let you know that I still avidly read your blog and am enjoying your words very much. The kids have grown so big since we last saw them and your garden is flourishing beautifully.

Keep in touch, the boys just got into college so we are all celebrating here :) Harvey is walking at long last and is 22 months old (23 shortly in a few days) and Ivan is doing very well at his street dancing. The girls just scored well in the 90's for the ballet exams again so are also doing brilliantly.

email me for a catch up and give our love to Nanna wont you, it would be so lovely to speak with you properly at some point

all my love as always

Helen x

myheartexposed said...

almost forgot, you must take a peek at some of Lionel's stop motion animated clay movies, he is doing so brilliantly at these

leave him a comment he would really appreciate it

if the link doesnt work his name is " sk8in leo " on youtube

Helen x

Clare said...

Hi Claire, your garden looks amazing, congrats :) I like what you wrote about 'sacrificial crops' as well, will remember that.

Hate to intrude into your peaceful gardening with a horrible topic, but what are you thinking about the HEd review? :( Would love to know your thoughts.

Claire said...

Oh, the home ed review, I may have to leave that for a day or two when I've got a wee while. I'm dashing now - but I'll be back :-)