Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Macbeth dvd review

We watched Shakespeare4kidz production of Macbeth on video this evening.

At £20 for the DVD it isn't cheap, although still cheaper than a couple of tickets to go to see the stage show. The production is a recording of the live stage show.

It is apparently suitable for KS2 ans KS3. I'm not really up on Key Stages but I *think* KS2 is from seven years old. I absolutely loved it and sat mesmerised throughout. It's musical, lively, easy to follow and very engaging. I'd recommend it to all adults. As for children I'm not so sure. There were some scenes that Hermione found disturbing even though she is very familiar with the story and we switched off before she had seen the end.

I have seen countless productions of Macbeth and this is my favourite by far. As for it's suitability for younger children I'm not so sure. I would recommend watching it yourself before showing it to your child.


Eccles said...

Hi Claire,
So delighted you enjoyed our DVD of Macbeth. If you are in the UK this autumn you may like to know that we are touring the live show to theatres round the country.
We also have a DVD of A Midsummer Night's Dream that you may enjoy and Put on a Play packs for all our six musicals.
Find out more about S4K on our website www.shakespeare4kidz.com
All best wishes from everyone at
Di (Press Officer)

Clare said...

Hi Claire,

thanks for the link, have bookmarked it.