Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Sunny days and full moons

Today has been the hottest day I can recall in a long time. We had plans to meet with friends but Hermione woke with a hacking cough so I thought it best to call ahead and issue a warning - just to find our friends were also hoarse and barking. With plans rescheduled for next week we set about a day chilling in the garden.

Miles found that the best way to chill was in his rather large legionnaires hat and a liberal dolop of sun cream - hence the full moon on a sunny day. I got some cracking pictures but it goes without saying that cyber space being what it is, most certainly not a place for naked children, they won't be appearing here. Instead I'm going to offer you this guy, who probably best reflects how I feel in the sun.

I was going to have a bit of a round up tonight. We have done so much lately that I want to share. That will have to wait though. I'm whacked and need to get off to bed to prepare myself for what hopefully will be another day of doloping sun cream, licking ice lollies and sticking my toes in the paddling pool.

Sunny days!!!!! Yay!!!

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