Saturday, 20 June 2009

Flowers - feed ya face

We now have nasturtiums in bloom in the greenhouse. That's probably a bit misleading as they tend to be snaffled by one or other small person as soon as they open their petals.

There are 'salads' and then there are 'salads with flowers' in my view - the later being much more appealing than the first.

Some of the elderberries are beginning to bloom too and the hawthorn won't be long either I'm sure. Oooh, elderflower lemonade and hawthorn tea on the horizon.

I've been thinking a lot about the consultation since Clare asked my views. I had of course thought about it prior to that but Clare as spurred me to try to get my head around the bigger picture. I'm off to bed now to ponder it further and will be back soon no doubt.

Night night.


Jenny Bear said...

There are lots of elderflowers here. Hope last night was good but I just couldnt have faced it but I am hopeful for the reduction in meds!!!

Claire said...

I didn't go in the end Jenny. Nana and Craig went. I stayed home with the children after having been to the theatre earlier in the day with Hermione. They enjoyed it though :-)

Hope you're feeling better soon.