Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Tiramisu, eighties revival, free theatre tickets, pole dancing and more

As usual life is busy as ever here and this is just a bit of a round up.

Hermione has been doing loads of 'work' at her own request. Today she spent a long while pretending to be a royal ambassador reporting back to royalty in different countries about the appearance and various attributes of Henry VIII. She produced various letters describing him both in real life and in his various portraits which he wanted people to see.

In addition to working together we have also spent quite a bit of time working in very small groups with friends. Hermione's creative writing skills are coming on a treat thanks to the enthusiastic and fun approach of a skilled friend. We've also been working with others on some science topics and enjoyed a wonderful few hours exploring liquids and solids last week - partly in the form of melted chocolate, strawberries and marshmallows - my kind of science lesson!

I'm looking for some 'lighter' literature for Hermione. I think a lot of the historical novels and plays we have been reading recently have been a little heavy for her. I think the Macbeth DVD tipped her over the edge slightly on the violence and gore front. I've decided to step back from that front for a wee while and have even sold our tickets to go and see the stage show later in the year. Any suggestions for classical literature for an eight year old who needs something a bit fluffy right now but something which will also be at an appropriate level of understanding? I'm no sure that makes sense - hopefully you will know what I mean.

We have managed to bag a couple of free theatre tickets through the Night Less Ordinary scheme. Both of the children go free so I just have to pay for myself to take them to a children's show. Not bad eh?

Miles has joined a new story group and a new play group. He's loving them both. I stay the whole time and that suits us just fine. He's really coming out of his shell and enjoying going out a lot. There was a time when he wanted to stay home all of the time and it's wonderful that he now feels there is a big world out there just waiting for him to explore.

Hermione and I went out to an Italian restaurant one evening. We shared a fabulous tiramisu (we were so full from our pizzas). It was the first time Hermione had had tiramisu and I think the experience was educational in itself. Delish!

We went to an eighties revival sort of concert last night and had a fabulous time. I think I mentioned the other day that I am worried about the impact some images have upon young girls and how they perpetuate the myth that being dangerously skinny or airbrushed to within a millimetre of your life is good. Well, this production was performed by students and I was delighted to see girls who may have been a size 14, 16 or 18 up on stage in shorts or leggings, dancing, singing and having fun. That's what I want my children to see - people exploring their talents and enjoying life regardless of age, shape or any other element of physical appearance. The only downside to the evening was that I've been singing Love Shack by the B52s ever since.

Things are doing fine on the gardening front. The mooli have bolted which is a shame but not the end of the world. I pulled all of my little turnips and discovered that I really don't like them. Having said that I wasn't willing to waste them. I made soup with some and made a veggie crumble with the rest - mixed with other veggies too of course. We are picking lots of mixed leaves, chard, baby spinach and herbs. Miles has been picking the mangetout from the greenhouse - no one else has managed to get any yet! I've a few pak choi which amazingly haven't bolted and I think we will eat those this week. Lots of flowers on the runner beans in the greenhouse and beans are starting to form on some of the dwarf french beans. Those damned hens have decimated more of my pumpkin plants. I swear, I'll abandon all my principles and turn them into nuggets one of these days!

The garden still needs masses of work though. One of the really great things about it this year is that Craig is developing a little enthusiasm too and we tend to potter together in the patch on a Sunday. This weeks pottering was somewhat curtailed after arriving home in the wee hours of Sunday morning following a night of curry, chardonnay and excellent company. It takes so much longer to get over these things I think as the years roll on.

Talking of years rolling on I'll turn twenty two later this week. I may take up pole dancing to celebrate. What do you think?

Right, that's it, off to bed. Tomorrow is looking ever so hectic as both Hermione and Miles are expected in various places. I'm hoping that once I find these 25 hour days I may also find a 'two places at once' pill.


dawny said...

oh my gosh claire , it sounds so busy at yours - it makes me feel a bit pathetic lol.
anyway if you've been looking at solids liquids and gases have you done ooblack? it's a non-newtonian liquid - cornflour and water does it fine and it;s FANTASTIC - really it is . Just google 'oobleck'
and if you've already done it isn't it great?

Claire said...

I've not done it - but keep meaning to :-)

dawny said...

ps , love the pic of the youngster pole dancing :-)