Sunday, 22 August 2010


I aspired to chaos (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) today. Sadly it had reached the stage where not even I wanted to be here. I hate domestic mayhem, it zaps my energy. Thankfully after a few hours hard at it I'm once again happy and chilled. By the end of tomorrow I may even be at the stage of having people over again *grin*.

Anyway, the children didn't want to join me in my large scale house blessing so instead Craig fitted up a new rope swing for them and a tree trunk to practice nail hammering. Thankfully that kept them busy for a fair proportion of the day.

Got to dash and prepare for the children going to a festival tomorrow. Life is so busy these days. Roll on September when life will hopefully quieten down again. It's great to see friends who usually go to school and to partake in loads of summer leisure and sports activities, but that all happens in addition to our regular home ed activities and meet ups as they don't stop for summer. It makes for a very busy period!

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a said...

busy is good :)

lol @ chaos - ikwym