Friday, 6 August 2010

Forest School

Miles' Steiner Parent and Child group is not on over the summer holidays so a number of the regular attenders decided to get together once a week anyway and form our own forest school. The plan initially was just to stay in touch over the break but we have since decided that if it goes well we will continue to meet for forest school one day a week in addition to our regular weekly gathering in a hall.

This morning was out first forest school gathering. We met in a beautiful outdoor space close to lots of pine woodland. We sang songs, made crowns from what we could find in the hedgerow, went looking for fairies, made a pine cone spiral and more. It was wonderful morning although I'm not certain how well it will work when the weather is less hospitable - that's the idea with forest schools, they happen no matter what the weather is doing.

Spiral made with forest floor finds. It kept growing!

We examined the sap, which incidentally smelt amazing.

Toadstools and fir cones. We also found a small frog, a grass hopper and lots of crawly things.
I'm really quite excited about our new venture. Have you been to a forest school? Unlike our regular meet up in the hall, the forest school won't be lead by someone with Steiner training, although we would like it to be in that style. It will be parent lead. Any ideas or suggestions for activities most welcome.
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Fiona said...

The pine cone spiral is beautiful.

Both my daughters attend a local forest group, although it is not parent led (forest schools are very common here in Switzerland).

They love it, and being out in all weathers has been a wonderful and rich learning experience for them. It certainly makes them feel far more aware of the seasons and connected to nature.

I hope your forest school continues, and in my experience success solely depends on decent clothing and enthusiastic leaders. Nature will provide the rest!

Claire said...

Thank you Fiona for your encouragement. Hopefully we will go from strength to strength.

I think I do need to check out some waterproof trousers before winter sets in. As you say, clothing is important in this situation.

Sarah said...

Oh it looks fabulous - I wish we'd been able to come. I must learn to drive asap.....

I mentioned it to John, and we'll come down if he can get another Friday off work (although he had last Fri off and we're heading up to Edinburgh this Fri so not sure if his team will be happy if he asks for another one off!)