Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lammas celebrations

In between a whole host of other activities we managed to fit in some time to ponder the beginning of the harvest today.

We arranged grain stalks and lavender in the hand painted jug Hermione bought me for my birthday. I have saved it especially to use at this time of the year as I think it's too beautiful for day to day use; the little mice and berries are just gorgeous.

We took a couple of stalks and separated the grain from the chaff.

Miles was determined to grind the grains into flour using his k'nex motor. I suspect the k'nex motor may have suffered as a consequence. Here's hoping it still works as Craig will be devastated if it's broken - it's one of his favourite toys.

After some time he agreed to try a pestle and mortar instead. It just wasn't happening though and I had to conclude that the results with the k'nex motor were better.

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Using shop bought flour we made some bread.

Here it is transformed into garlic and parsley dough balls. Delish!
We read The Best Prize of All: a Story about Harvest by S Pirotta. We also read a harvest tale about a field mouse from All Year Round: a Calender of Celebrations.

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