Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Lavender pockets and chili peppers

I'm loving these cute little lavender pockets and keep trying to find the time to make them for friends. Take an odd number of lavender stalks; I think five or perhaps seven works best. Take a long piece of wool or ribbon and tie the stalks together just below the flower heads. Then, very carefully, bend the stalks over the flower heads to make a little 'cage'. Weave the wool or ribbon between the stalks (this is why it's best to have an odd number) till you reach the bottom. Tie securely and add a bow. There you have it - lavender pockets to put in your drawers. The weaving is supposed to stop the petals falling all over as they dry. It does a little but some will still drop.

Oh, almost forgot to say, you must make lavender pockets as soon as possible after picking the lavender otherwise the stalks begin to dry and will snap as opposed to bend over the flower heads.

Oh, what to do with strings of chili peppers? Any suggestions? Nana has grown them and I feel I need to make a special dish with them.

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