Monday, 16 August 2010

Where did I go to? (and other ponderables)

After a few years of flat out mothering, I have glanced up to find that going three years between haircuts and realising I have a hole in my shoes, is the least of my problems. I now realise I seem to have fallen into an identity pit! I would like a new bank account but my passport has lapsed and despite having moved years ago I haven't update the address on my drivers licence (naughty I know!). It seems that those without a valid drivers licence or passport are destined to run round in circles trying to figure out which came first - was it the chicken or the egg - or perhaps the driving licence or the passport? I'm exasperated. Honestly, I am me!

I'm sorely tempted to say, 'stuff it' and remain with my current bank, but following recent conversations with friends about what banks do with your money I feel driven to become more conscious and ethical in my banking choices.

Here's another one I've been long did it take this heap of tiny pieces of metal .. turn into something like this, modelled by my beautiful boy, when the Normans invaded our town this weekend.

Something else I have been pondering, and you may be able to help me out here, are those actually cherries at the top of my neighbour's tree? I think the picture below just captures one of the dazzling baubles. If so then how the heck do I get in and climb up to pick them. They keep glistening in the sunshine and calling to me.

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