Monday, 9 August 2010

What a wet weekend!

Be afraid, be very afraid tiddlers. Miles and Hermione have you covered. Swim past if you dare!

Note to self - next time we're heading on out for a wet day in the dales go prepared with biodegradable string. I can just about conjure up a boat from sticks and string but my stick and grass efforts were sad. Miles didn't seem to mind though.
A couple of hours in the outdoor swimming pool saw me well and truly soggy and looking for dry land.

It was not to be. Having found a tiny spring, some just couldn't resist following it to it's destination. It was rather satisfying I have to say. I think Craig also derived great satisfaction as retriever of crocs from hideous mud pools.

Wet and whacked we headed home. Miles crashed before we made it and had to be carried from the car to bed, by now not so soggy, more rosy and slightly steaming, little bundle of fun.

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Frugal Life UK said...

that made me smile and reminded me of holidays with my children in the rain, wombling around Dartmoor and in and out or river with the rain dripping down the back of our coats! they didn't care and loved playing in the water

Claire said...

Yes, I don't know what it is with children and water! They just love it.

It really saddens me that there are so many parents who are so anti children being wet or dirty - I think it does them good!