Thursday, 12 August 2010

Quick peek in the patch

The rainbow chard is looking incredibly pretty this year - almost too pretty to eat!

By far the greatest success to date this year have been the fine french beans. They just keep coming! Here they are climbing up to the sky.

Pumpkins are in the greenhouse this year. So far we have four set on the vines. Hopefully there will be a few more within the next week or two. This is the first year we have put them in the greenhouse. I'm hoping for a bumper crop.

I decided to treat the curly kale as a cut and come crop this year. In the past I've always harvested the whole head. It's worked so we have had a constant supply of kale for over two months with plenty more to come.

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dawny said...

hey that was kind of him wasn't it :-) your garden is lookimg tasty :)