Sunday, 1 January 2012

Good to go

I'm hiding out in my hidey hole, trying to ignore the mayhem that is unfolding around me, as we try to clear out all the accumulated dross of the season, plus a whole load of plastic tat to make way for a new load of plastic tat.

I hate the whole plastic tattery which seems to be part and parcel of childhood these days. How great it would be if they did play incessantly with pine cones and sea smoothed glass. Back to reality however, they seem drawn to plastic, particularly cheap plastic which makes lots of noise.

Friends beware, I have filled the boot of my car and will be placing extreme pressure on you when I see you, to adopt some of our cast offs! Comes on ladies, you know you want it...

Right, my diary is ready. The new year can begin.

A lovely mama gave me a spare diary which she had for this year. It's very practical and just my thing, but it had a picture of the Taj Mahal on the front. So, for fear of getting itchy feet, or feeling the urge for a bhaji whenever I went to make a date, I have covered it in fabric.

I did it the easy way with fabric glue. I may come to regret that and end up stitching it into a 'proper' cover. I popped a sheet of wadding underneath too to make it feel snug in my bag.

Right, back to the chaos that is my home right now. Hermione's phone is beeping with texts at a rate that's driving me insane. Miles is really busy playing with his new toys - at least for the length of time it takes to remove all of the packaging before deciding he would like to play with something different. Arrrghhh, roll on summer!

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