Friday, 6 January 2012

Three Kings Day

Yesterday we baked fairy cakes, and when cool, I hid a tiddly wink in one. The person to find the tiddly wink in their cake was to be crowned king with a crown the children made together.

The tiddly wink wasn't in Miles cake but he somehow came to be the one wearing the crown anyway.

It's not an occasion we usually mark, but did so as it was in our Little Acorn guide and it sounded interesting. I knew the children would find the cake part fun. Just to clarify, the guide didn't suggest tiddly winks in fairy cakes - I think it was a dried lima bean in bread. We improvised.

So, there you have it, so far as I know one of the final celebrations/notable days of the Christmas period. The three kings arrived at the stable. Time to well and truly return to the grind.

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dawny said...

hiya Claire , lovely thing to do :-)
d xx