Monday, 16 January 2012

What's on

On the needles...

This has to be the funkiest wool I've ever knit with. It's undoubtedly the quickest to grow when I'm knitting it up! Only trouble is it has tiny fibers which seem to irritate my eyes. It's yet another scarf as I can only cope with 'mindless' knitting these days. A pattern would be overload and require my undivided attention. With this I can rattle off a quick row while directing the children to get their shoes and coats on!

On the Kindle...

I have been wanting to read this since reading this. I love to explore a women's perspective of a story you may (or may not) have already heard. Comparing, contrasting and generally figuring out the differences.

It's a long one and I need to crack to it as I have a couple of interesting looking books in waiting too.

On the MP3 player...

She's a bit mainstream and poppy in comparison to what I generally listen to, but I love her voice. Go girl! For once the X Factor seems to have done good for someone.

She's playing at a venue in the region soon and I was initially keen to go, but it's on a night I meditate with friends so have decided to pass. My bank balance will be appreciative of my choice.

On the floor..

Miles, learning to skip. more often on the floor than his feet!

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Amanda said...

love that wool :)

none my boys have mastered the art of skipping.