Monday, 9 January 2012


Now, I'm not a big fan of the movies, and have to say I wasn't hugely impressed with Chipwrecked which we went to see yesterday, although the children loved it. It was actually our first ever successful trip to the cinema in so far as we all stayed in till the end.

Anyway, I did make a mental note that a couple of the trailers showed films which may have educational potential.

Firstly there was War Horse which may well appeal to Hermione as she's a Morpurgo fan. Need to check out it's historical accuracy first though. I don't want to present it to her as history if it's not. Morpurgo's usually fairly accurate but you never know what the film makers may have done to it.

The second one, I'm hoping someone can help me with. It was an animation if I remember rightly, something to do with Atlantis. Does anyone know what it is called?

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