Monday, 2 January 2012

Tossing and turning

It seems like an eternity since I went to bed. So darned long ago that I've given up and clambered out of it. Oh, when I think of all the hours I've spent in my lifetime, just wishing I was asleep; hours spent tossing and turning; listening to the hot water pipes cool and contract; roaming from window to window, looking out on deserted streets.

Oh, how I hate it! So wakeful while the world sleeps, and so sleepy while the world's awake. It's such an awful thing to suffer from, insomnia. I've suffered since being a child yet I still don't think the people around me really understand the impact it has upon my life.

I've read for what feels like the passage of an era. I'm reading this right now. I've traveled on horseback from York almost to Hull on Henry VIII Progress Through Yorkshire in the time since I retired.

I'd like to share something which has irritated my waking moments tonight, when not concentrating on The Progress that is. We went to the beach the other day and it was so good to get the cobwebs blown away.

Splashing in rock pools and looking for sea creatures who seemed insistent on not being spotted.

Collecting treasures.

Island in the stream.

Crashing waves.

Shopping trolley.

Worn aluminium cans and plastic bottle tops.

Overflowing bins.

Why? Can someone just tell me, why?


A said...

we're land locked but get the same problem on country roads - rubbish left everywhere except bins :(

Claire said...

There's just no need for it is there?