Thursday, 12 January 2012


Where is winter? Are we to have a winter this year? I feel like I've not had real closure on 2011 because we've not got to sit holed up in the living room, in front of a big open fire, drinking hot chocolate, reading stories and watching the snow fall.

I've enjoyed being rendered nigh on housebound for a couple of weeks each winter in recent years. I realise now that I really benefit from that enforced slower pace; at a time when we're programmed by nature to take it easy, rest deeply and think calmly. How is one to come even close to anything like deep rest and reflection without three feet of snow? If the snow doesn't materialize soon I think I need to give that one some real thought. I'm not quite ready to dance through the tulips with a spring in my step. I want my winter rest.

We wandered out to a local wooded area earlier in the week. It was scarcely coat weather - certainly not big hat and scarf weather! The plan was to find a tree we really liked and photograph it; which we did. Here it is below. Not a particularly large or striking tree, but it's the chosen one and who am I to argue?

The plan is to return each month and record it's progress, in words and pictures. I only hope we see it through. I'm so good at starting these projects which require sustained effort, yet not always so good at seeing them through. No staying power, or always looking for a new challenge? I'd prefer to think it's a case of the latter.

I was astounded to see these daffodils shooting away.

Yet more surprised to spot this clump coming into bud. A sharp frost could kill them and I guess that would be the end of those little daffs till next year. Oh, how I hate this topsy turviness!

Green bursting through here, there and everywhere!

There was lots of activity on the woodland floor with squirrels and small birds. I tried in vain to capture one squirrel with a particularly bushy tail, but alas he was camera shy and lead me quite a dance. Can you see him?

What a wonderful tail!

We can still see you!

We can still see you too Hermione. It's hard to hide in shocking pink wellies!

Perhaps I ought not to say this, but here's hoping to flurries of large flakes very soon.


dawny said...

i so topsy turvy isn't it , just crazy! Lovely pics xx

Claire said...

Well, since making that post I've seen a gritter going up the road. Perhaps I may be going to get what I wished for, and now I'm thinking please wait till Saturday as I don't want to be snowed in tomorrow :-) Goodness, be careful what you wish for and all that!

Fay Gibson said...

It's so, so cold but no snow! I know what you mean about missing the enforced human rest that the snow can bring... nothing stops unless there's bad weather and there has been no bad weather yet! Keep your fingers crossed! Where's the woodland in your photos Claire? It's beautiful. We went out in the wild at East Hedleyhope yesterday and it felt so good to be without walls in the freezing cold air. We've not done enough of that of late so see you in a random field doing a snow dance sometime soon, eh?!!!

Claire said...

We were just at Hardwick. We could meet there for a snow (or not so snowy) dance soon :-)