Saturday, 7 January 2012

Warm welcome up the patch

Now that natural food is much more scarce, our beasties need extra food in the afternoon. We used to fill up the trough on a morning and that would last all day. That's not always so now. They know as soon as they see me coming that they're going to get tasty treats (they often get grains which are their favorite at this time). What a racket they make! I can't believe that I spent years worrying about the potential noise of a cockerel - cockerels have nothing on a bunch of ducks! I'm quite certain that they can be heard at the other end of the village sometimes!

Sometimes I'm cornered when I come to leave the greenhouse where the grain bins are stored. They block my way and jump up, often till I relent and put the bin lid down.

'It's mine' said the rabbit.

'It's mine' said the hen.

'It's mine!' said the duck.

It amazes me how, despite being domesticated in so far as we clean their houses and put in fresh bedding, they still follow the seasons. Here below you can see how they have dragged lots of fallen leaves into one of their houses, so much so you can't see their original bedding. Must be feeling chilly!

They've taken to laying in the warmth and comfort of the play house couch. Sheesh, the little tinkers!

Can you see the hidden face here? I can! Certainly two eyes and a nose at least. I can also see all the mud they've brought in on their feet!

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love the photos :)