Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Sitting at the poolside with my knitting this evening, waiting for Hermione and her mate to actually get out, I thought I was about to develop RSI. Thankfully I had a couple of magazines with me.

Now, I don't often read celeb type mags and it would be a huge fib to suggest for one minute that I'm 'in the groove' or whatever the term may be for hip people these days.

I guess what did surprise me is just how completely not in the groove I am!

Did you know that if someone offers to vajazzle you it probably won't involve being handed a packet of dinky chocolate buttons with colourful balls on?

Vajazzling seems to be the latest celeb trend which involves waxing and be-jeweling your lady garden.

Urgghhh that just looks like metalic shaving rash to me. Can't help but wonder if it could trigger store alarms too. How would you explain that?

Now, this one is better! Why the heck didn't someone tell me about these alternative greetings before I bought my Christmas cards?

Next time my arm starts to ache I'll keep on knitting. There are something I'd just rather not know.


dawny said...

oh hun !!! well I didn't know what it was either , you've had me in giggles here rofl !! knitting sounds the better option lol xx

Claire said...

I'm glad it's not jut me then Dawny :-)

A said...

This is why I still read your blog always educational ;)!!

I agree with D - I'll stick with my knitting!!

Claire said...

I feel it's my duty to share these world changing developments :-)

Fay Gibson said...

OH god. The gunfire shaving rash just looks awful!!! Surely that must rub off and end up everywhere!

Claire said...

Driving back from doing the shopping this afternoon I was thinking about it. I reckon you could strike a match on it. Still don't feel inclined to get one though.

dawny said...

still chuckling xx