Thursday, 17 September 2009

Going back in time

After a few days working around the clock on our ever so tiresome and on going insurance dispute, I wasn't quite sure if I was awake or asleep when I walked down stairs today. Full on fog.

It was the home ed Book Club today and I had prepared activities but felt unable to string my words together. Nana came to the rescue and agreed to take Hermione (and the activities). Where would I be without her?

What do you do when you're feeling weary and foggy? Going back to bed felt like a good option but Miles didn't fancy that. Instead we stepped back in time. We revisited the spot where we placed his placenta to rest.

Standing there, I felt as if I could experience and harness all of the power and love in the world. It was amazing and reminded me quite starkly of the absolute polarities in the state of mothering, home making and relating. Highs and lows, fogs and sunshine, ups and downs, laughter and tears, dancing/crawling out of bed, songs and sighs ....

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hippymama said...

nana is a star!!!
yes is'nt motherhood a rollercoasterof emotions. ;0)