Saturday, 5 September 2009

Smiling, contemplating and the rest....

I've been contemplating -

How various tests and scans I recently had were considered to be fine but on second inspection have been found to reveal a 'shadow'. Don't you just hate those damn shadows!

Be gone with you!!!!!

I think I need to slow down. Focus. Factor in a bit more time for contemplating, reflecting, projecting and healing. Sortng out the 'shadow self'.

I've been smiling -

Now I know why I've been feeling crap for so long and may not have to go on feeling crap!

In the process of removing my 'shadow' I should only loose one organ - one which can be considered to be non essential anyay. Way hey! It could have been so much worse.....

If I need a hand to hold I know I'll have a choice. I won't have to do it on my own.

At the children arranging the first of our harvest deocrations. Do you like our new harvest dolly holding the bread?


At the thought of a family canoe trip we won at a chairty acution last night. We are probably going to leave it till spring so that the weather will hopefully be warmer and I may be feeling more comfortable.

Girly gossip and hot chocolate in grand surrounds.



New fabric which I hope will morph into a cushion cover in the space of coming weeks.

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Spending time with good friends drinking frothy cappucino from Cath Kidston mugs. Nice. Friends I have known so long. Laughing at how times change....

At the talent (musical) of this man. He's certainly putting a smile on my face.



Hippy Mama said...

hope all is well Claire, take care

dawny said...

luaghing with your friends is good therapy isn;t it.
sending you lots of hugs and wishes for a speedy recovery darlin xxx take care of you xxx

Claire said...

One of the best therapies there is :-)

Hannah said...

Recovery vibes headed your way from me. It's really great you have a hand to hold through it all x