Thursday, 10 September 2009

Solar oven

Way hey! What a day! We met up with friends who ever so kindly brought along their solar oven. The sun shone as if it were the height of(a very good)summer and we all had a fabulous time.

The oven is a pizza box lined with tin foil with thick black plastic placed on the bottom. The children wrapped chocolate and marshmallows in foil and placed them on top of the black plastic. They then propped the lid of the pizza box so that it was reflecting sunlight into the box and left it for half an hour.


Admiring the view.


The sun was so strong today it didn't take long till everything was sufficiently squishy to be considered 'cooked'.


Miles had a banana at the ready to dip into anything that looked remotely gooey.

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Miles was very proud to tell his daddy he had helped to make an oven that used the power of the sun.

Other things we did included skipping with a long rope singing Forty Four Robbers (or something like that) - you know the sort of thing people did in playgrounds years ago before all the health and safety shenanigans? There was also rope making, woodland exploring, parachute play and tug of war.

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Anonymous said...

that sounds like a really good day :0)

I'm goign to have google solar ovens now and put it on our project list.

btw love the b&w photos :0)