Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Scraggy hen, scraggy hen...

...it's not your fault, (sang to the Friends 'Smelly Cat' tune)


So relieved to find this link and discover that Henrietta is moulting. There is a reason for her sudden extreme scragginess. Oddly enough, none of them have ever moulted before.

Sheesh, she's not exactly a pretty sight right now when I'm sitting out the back with my coffee and my crocheting!

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Anonymous said...

poor Henrietta :0(

What are you crocheting?

Claire said...

Well, it was to be wrap/shawl type thing, (essentially just a short but very wide scarf - a sort of rectangle).

I decided to use a colour which would blend in with the living room so that I could leave it lying and when I thought it was chilly I could wrap up in my shawl instead of putting on the fire or heating...hmmm, how old am I? At the rate I'm going though I may just have to turn it into a tea cosy or summat :-)