Monday, 28 September 2009

Party prep

Miles is to have his first ever party this weekend.

We went into town today to buy some dried fruit, napkins, jelly, bits and bobs. He was ever so excited shopping for his party. I thought it would be good to involve him in the preparations but I now fear he may be hyper for the rest of the week. He's also now expressing preferences - he wants a birthday cake that looks like a teddy bear. Perhaps I should have just made the cake, decided what it looked like and surprised him.

It's certainly going to be a recycled birthday. No cash to splash on flashy gifts or party bag tat. Not sure if I would want to do that now even if I could actually.

We have a beautiful sturdy wooden garage for him which I traded for on our local community currency exchange.

A handful of his little friends are coming round to help us celebrate and a lady has very kindly offered to come and do a Punch and Judy show, (she does it professionally and has the real deal) in exchange for Craig doing some upholstery cleaning for her. How cool is that!

A friend has offered to help with the baking, and although she doesn't know it yet, Hermione will be making a pull string piniana (spelling????) from an old cardboard box - also some cute little rock people and chunky recycled crayons for prizes and party favours.

All wrapped up with lashings of love!

Just hoping and praying now that the weather will be fine. Pack away your rain mats folks. I want sunshine!

Anyway, got to dash. I'm off to bed. Tired after figuring out how to lapbook child labour. 'Are you educating our child or trying to turn her into a political activist?' Craig asked tonight. Okay, okay, I get the point *grin*.

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Anonymous said...

a recycled birthday sounds lovley :0)