Wednesday, 9 September 2009

When dinner falls from the tree...

Friends called by this afternoon and I was intrigued to hear that they had made a solar oven this morning and cooked some tomatoes. This got me thinking and we decided to take our new fire bucket to the top of the garden, along with some tin foil, raisins, bananas and cinnamon and cook dinner alfresco. Now obviously this isn't solar cooking - it was wonderfully sunny, but solar cooking it certainly wasn't!

We stoked our bucket just under the apple tree and the children made parcels of apples and bananas topped with raisins and cinnamon.

The flames kept us all feeling toasty as the sun slipped away behind the wall.


Miles and I examined fallen leaves while waiting for our dinner to cook. The smell was wonderful. Almost like burnt toffee.

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Apples and raisins.


Bananas and cinnamon.



Still hoping to try some real solar cooking soon - assuming we have enough sunshine!


Anonymous said...

that is a brilliant idea :0)

I feel really hungry now!

Mam said...

I can almost smell it now :-)