Tuesday, 15 September 2009

In the garden

After a brief dalliance with summer last week, autumn seems to have set in again. That's okay. I'm ready. Ready to welcome the changing season and all that brings.

Gathering seeds to dry for next year. I've not done this before. I'm just going to place them in a paper bag in a cool dry place and see if they last till spring. There's nothing to loose and possibly lots of flowers to gain!


The tail end of this seasons veggies. I pulled out the runner beans from the greenhouse the other day. They have produced continuously for a few months. Some of the last ones were rather tough. They'll just do in stews and well cooked currys.

I took some to friends on Saturday evening, friends who very kindly invited us around for dinner - rustic pasta with wild mushrooms, goats cheese and truffle oil accompanied by herby scones - delish. I filled my boots but still had room for melting moment cookies with ice cream and fruit coulis. I really need to brush up on my cookery skills and return many invites. I just get scared cooking for folks who can make their own pasta and ice cream!

Oh, then of course there is always the expanding pants issue!


Remember months and months ago I put some apricot pits in the fridge wrapped in tissue paper? You probably thought I was crackers but they did sprout in the end and here they are at the end of year one.

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dawny said...

love your new header photo :-) lol xx