Saturday, 26 September 2009

So much to smile about...

Grapes and berries - which incidentally looked divine but tasted foul.

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Picking apples.


Stopping to smell the flowers.


The wonders of a rose petal with a ladybird on it.

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Talking to the animals.


Team work.

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Thoughtfulness and generosity. Hermione is now the new proud owner of these books and she's one happy bunny.


Pressing virginia creeper leaves to preserve the colour.


A night spent doing a jigsaw as a family in preference to watching TV.

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Hearth cat in a pool of wax.

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Other things which have made me smile in the last day or two are; having had the six monthly all clear from the dentist (me and Hermione), tight rope walking whilst harnessed high in the trees (Hermione not me), persuading Craig to dig a fire pit in the garden, sunshine, finding a hen in the attic, collecting sage for decorating and drying, finding our first conkers of the year and more...

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A. said...

I love this time of year too :0)