Friday, 11 September 2009


I'm breaking one of my golden rules and posting twice in one day to explain the arrival of the large pants above.

I have managed to ignore the voices in my head and the aches in my bones. I'm now hoping that this picture here, (my proverbial fridge door for want of a better explanation), will have the desired effect.

'Why do your trousers make that pattern on your tummy?' asked Hermione this week. 'Oh, because they're special' I muttered, making a mental note to eat more lettuce and drink less pinot grigio.

Keep on expanding at the rate I am and I'll be cheering if I actually fit into these pants come Christmas *sigh*.

Don't get me wrong, I'm certainly not seeking some distorted unattainable sexist image - (sorry Craig, but it's time to give up hope if you've not already). I just want to be healthy. I don't want to go on trying to justify a situation which impacts upon my physical health, with all that, 'but I'm happy in my skin as it is' clap trap. Surely, in order to do the best by my children I have to do the best by myself, and that means looking after my body, after all I only have the one.

Oh, crickey. This is all getting a bit heavy (pardon the pun). How can you tell it's weighing (*groan*)on my mind right now?


Amanda said...

I have no idea what size/shape you are. I have put weight on sinse having no.4 - I know my diet is crap and once we started to H.E my time (gym/swim+cake...*blush) has gone. I still do the cake but without the gym/swim which is a problem! Difficult is'nt it I guess its about eating sensibly and moving around more.

Claire said...

*I have no idea what size/shape you are* - you're lucky :-)

I have a really good diet - but then I also eat 'the rest' too. Trouble is one doesn't cancel out the other. Having eaten a big salad for lunch doesn't make the mid afternoon cake stop healthy *sigh*

Amanda said...

rofl thats my downfall too!!