Thursday, 15 October 2009

Egyptians and Gruffalo Toes

We read from Story of the World this morning. There are aspects of this book that I really like, (the enagaging narrative style), and other parts I really dislike, (the blurring between commonly accepted historical facts and religious beliefs). We read about Ancient Eygpt.

We set about creating our own mini Egypt, Miles style...


Gruffalo toes.


Busy bees.

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Voila! Dried, shaped and redesigned. Complete with tricky words, map location and timeline.


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Daniel said...

Looks like fun. If you look at the picture of the gruffalo toes you can see part of a First News paper - I really like First News. I have a new story on my blog, Daniel's Daily Stories. It's based on my pet hamster and it's about when she (yes it's a female) goes all over the world and visits Hollywood, Sydney, Paris and many more exciting destinations. To find it, just click on my profile. I'm sure it'll be there!

Daniel x