Sunday, 11 October 2009

Hill Top and more

Up the well trodden path... Hill Top. Both Hermione and I have a soft spot for Beatrix Potter and couldn't resist spending a wee while soaking up the atmosphere around Hill Top. Unfortunately we called by on a Friday, the only day the house is closed, but we still got to look around the garden and peek through the windows.


Sploshing around on the shores of Lake Windermere.


Admiring a community vegetable garden. There was a lady working in the garden and she was ever so friendly. She was cutting down comfrey and placing it across the empty beds to help reduce leaching of nutrients from the soil and also to add some nutrients from the comfrey itself.

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I really like the lay out. I've come to accept this year that I need much more order in my patch but I hate the idea of lots of paving slabs. I like this set up. Time to investigate the price of permeable membranes I think.

Talking of gardening, I dug up the first of the Jerusalem artichokes yesterday and made a delicious soup with them.


Hippy Mama said...

I remember going to hilltop when I was about 10 - its lovley :0)

Claire said...

Yes, I know the memory will certainly stick with me - and hopefully H too. There's something about the place.